Welcome to my blog featuring an old man’s rantings and random writings on startups, funding, digital and other stuff :-)

I spent almost half of my life in digital and tech scene across 3 countries – Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I’ve been involved in StartsUps since the mid 90’s, when these were referred to as “dot-coms”.


From dial-up modems to fiber-optic connectivity, digital has been and is my passion and my fuel. But I’m also a realist – having had my dreams turn into nightmares before.

I am often viewed as opinionated and even stubborn but alas that is derived from a combination of my past experiences and failures.  To me, it’s not the success and the failures that matter but the experience and the journey that matters.

I had a tough ride and I hope to share them hear in my blog. Its taken quite a while and I’m really late to the “blogosphere” … but I hope you’ll read them and share your opinions, even if you don’t agree with me.

-Adrian Stewart-
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