Monthly Archives: August 2015

Is Timing Everything ?

Mobile Commerce, Smartphone, Mobile Wallets – terms that we are rather familiar with today but would have sounded “alien” 14 years ago, back in the year 2001 ! I recently stumbled upon an article I wrote for Singapore’s Straits Times  on 19 June 2001 and was taken aback at how I managed to “nail so many parts of the mobile ecosystem that are just really starting to come to fruition now” (as a… Read Article →

Startup’s “EGOsystem”

Been to a startup event or gathering lately ? Did you notice that there seems to always be a “rah-rah” feel,  a dash of bragging, lots of fun, “rockstars” and that what I call “the-everything-is-awesome” atmosphere at these startup events ? It gives the impression that everyone is doing great, growing and working on their “next big thing”. Startups have recently become the most “in” thing and when mainstream media starts writing about the successes it somehow… Read Article →